Thursday, December 3, 2009

Module 5 Curriculum Connections for Assistive Technology

I like the lesson plan that introduces students to different disabilities by requiring them to do some research. It really made me think about how little I learned about physical and cognitive disabilities when I was in primary and secondary school. What I know about different disabilities I have basically learned through my experiences by interacting with people with disabilities. I think that all health teachers should be requiring their students to learn about people's differences so that through knowledge students will be more compassionate and understanding of the challenges that some people face.

I still have much to learn about how to help student with disabilities but am thankful that this course and the CSLA modules have made me aware of the assistive technology that is available to level the playing field for students with disabilities. It is amazing how far we have come at helping all students achieve, and I am glad that technology is making life easier for those with disabilities.

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  1. I definitely agree with your previous comment about librarians being in on IEP committees/meetings. Honestly, if I become a SLMS, I will have to "study up" to make sure I am accomodating ALL students when it comes to purchasing library resources. This class has helped me realize this.

    I wish we could have spent some time just researching some disabilities that students face and present to each other. As someone who hasn't been in the public school system for over 10 years, I would like to know more details about different types of autism, reading disabilities, low vision, etc. I would like to know how teachers are helping level the playing field for these students using AT and other ways.

    Well, just taking one last look at my blog. I am hoping to keep this going as a blog about my experiences with incorporating technology into student management. At least while I am still a student manager!

    Thanks for making Assistive Technology a good part of this course because it was interesting to explore some of the tools out there to help students with disabilities.