Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 6 Bookmarking and Metatagging

I love these Lee Lefever videos that explain different web applications. (Dr. Farmer shared one with us for our previous lesson on RSS.)

I have to say that my favorite Web 2.0 (or Library 2.0) application is social bookmarking, and my preferred social bookmarking site is Diigo. I also have used Del.icio.us (now just Delicious) but converted to Diigo because it has some extra features that I like. I currently have about 80 different tags, and I honestly can't tell you how many sites bookmarked.

If you choose to experiment with Diigo and join, try searching for "Delicious," and you will find lots of useful websites there on the topic of social bookmarking. I also have tagged my Clarion courses and will eventually have all of the useful websites accumulated through these Masters courses saved there. It will be a wonderful resource and my own little "key" to the web when I add the rest of what I have on my Favorites list. The cool thing is as long as I can always access the internet, I won't ever loose track of these useful online resources!

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