Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week #7 Wikis and my Webquest link

Wordle: wikis

Wow, I really liked exploring the links on Wikis this week! The only problem with me and exploring links is I get totally sidetrack! I mean first I found some really cool things. One of my first treasures was found on the Library Success: Best Practice Wiki at:

As a LIS student (or whichever acronym we are supposed to use for someone pursuing a degree in librarianship...MLIS, LS, etc.), I was immediately drawn to the resources on this wiki under the heading Training and Development for Librarians. After clicking on the Resources link, I was able to find online flashcards for studying cataloging!


I know this might not sound that exciting to some of you, but the idea of being able to create flashcards online was something I just never thought about. What a cool idea! Now, I did glance at these cataloging flashcards, and they weren't the greatest, but this would be a cool way to study for our upcoming Cataloging and Classification midterm. (Hint, hint...You all make the flashcards, and I'll use them to study.)

Okay, so we are supposed to be talking about wikis here, not flashcards, but this is my blog and I am pretty excited about making some flash cards. On a wiki note, I have used PBwiki and do think it is an awesome cataloging tool and know that my classmates (Martha, Erin, and Sarah) can attest to that from our experience in LS532.

So, back to my treasure finding theme here...I am totally going to have to edit this post at another time when it isn't 2am...Another great resource especially for school librarians is the teacherlibrarianwiki at:


This is where I got totally sidetracked. I explored this wiki and found a PowerPoint on copyright. I have been keeping a lookout for copyright information because one of my co-workers here at Schmidt Library just took over doing our e-reserves. So, that's when I went to my e-mail to send her the link and PowerPoint...Anyways, this post became a time consuming process. So, in conclusion I must conclude that WIKIS ARE COOL because they can be used for so many different purposes, foster collaboration, and even if you are not a collaborator, you can benefit from the fruits of others' labors. Cool! And, here is a link to my Webquest assignment which is a lesson on Evaluating websites for high school or college students:


(Just cut and paste this into a new window to view.) Does anyone know if you can make this a direct link? I couldn't figure it out.)


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  2. Hi Steph! I just wanted to let you know that the link to your WebQuest doesn't work because it is pointing to your desktop. Only you can load it up, but others can't see it. I don't know the solution to this yet, but hopefully Dr. Farmer can help us out!

  3. great sense of discovery path (since I'm also teaching catalog I appreciate the flashcard idea)

  4. BTW, you'll need to upload your file (the C is your harddrive) onto the 23 things sandbox area)

  5. this is your URL for your webquest: http://calcurriculum.pbworks.com/f/Herfel%20WebQuest.htm

  6. on your webquest, the TASK area should be what you want the students to do: So you might want to word this as :
    After this Webquest >>> By doing this Webquest...

  7. on your webquest, the TASK area should be what you want the students to do: So you might want to word this as :
    After this Webquest >>> By doing this Webquest...

    Keep the groups to 3 size. I think I'd just have them evaluate 1 (or 2 at most after the King ones). Personally, I'd have the whole class process after the King ones so you can be sure they're all on the same page. Then students can choose from a larger group of websites. The eval is their web eval sheets (how well did they evaluate?).

  8. Laura,

    Thanks. I fixed my webquest link. Sorry you were unable to view it here on my blog!