Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 9, Thing 20 YouTube

YouTube is so awesome. Here is an old video of Penn & Teller visiting the Library of Congress to look at Houdini-related artefacts and books. It's especially funny because Penn and Teller look so young, maybe in their 20's? On a side note, I almost visited the Library Congress, but the bus I was supposed to be taking never came because it broke down! Wish I would have made that trip but maybe next time!

YouTube is something I use for all types of purposes especially as a "how to" resource because I often find tutorials on how to do things there. And, who doesn't use it for entertainment either to listen to music or watch funny videos?

Since I am a horse person, it is a good place to check out videos of horses that are for sale or just cool videos of horses jumping or competing. I know this isn't a blog about horses. I am currently working on putting a tutorial on YouTube to use when training my students to work at the Information Services desk here at Schmidt Library. I will post it here when it's finished, but I don't know if it will be done by this semester as it needs to be edited.


  1. I like your idea of YouTube tutorials -- maybe your aides could do it

  2. Thanks! I actually did some taping a week or so ago, and my one student assistant, Heather, was able to get it converted from a VOB file to an editable movie file.

    She has one completed on how to check out a laptop and is working on one for registering a community patron. We enlisted the help of a theater student to be our community patron. It was a lot of fun and looks like it is going to work well.