Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thing #8 (Week 4) RSS Feeds

Here's a screenshot of my Google Reader. RSS Feeds is a technology that I have been meaning to do since last summer. It is great to finally be able to follow some technology blogs/sites (blites or slogs?) using RSS since it is already the end of THIS summer! Keeping up with what's new with computers in general is important so one of the first sites I subcribed to was PC Magazine's feed.

I am also a huge fan of Meredith Farkas who writes a technology column for Library Journal. I was excited to see that she also has a blog, and I like how her writing highlights her knowledge about both technology and library stuff (especially academic ones). Of course, I am also trying to follow all of your blogs so I have a separate folder for "23 Things."

I was amazed by the link of 100 Best Blogs for Future Librarians that Dr. Farmer shared with us. I am sure I will be adding more to my reader once I get to peruse the whole list.

I look forward to sharing technology news from my Google Reader with everyone as I get to explore all my feeds.


  1. yes, the centralization makes it easier to share info -- or others could follow YOU

  2. I just looked at some of my classmates' blogs yesterday on my Google Reader. I really prefer to follow my classmates blogs through blogspot because I can comment when I want to. If I were just following tech blogs to keep up with what's new, I like the consolidation of information Google Reader provides.