Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3: Flickr & Mashups

Wow, I just had a terrible time remembering my logon and password for this site. I hope everyone else is doing better with this than I have!

I was excited to experiment with Flickr this week as it is one of those tasks that I always wanted to "get around to doing." I absolutely love taking and sharing photos and years ago, before all these photo-sharing sites came along, I purchase a software program for managing pics called Jasc AfterShot. I would like to eventually convert my many, many (yes, I said, MANY!) pics to an online application (most likely, Flickr). My Flickr URL is:

I have a few photos that I am sharing publicly that you can check out and hope to add more soon. I am a member of a horseback riding club so I have added a few albums (called "sets" in Flickr) of pics that I will share with the members of the club. I can't wait to add pics from my family's Labor Day picnic and some other picnics that we have had this summer.

So, I guess I should say I have jumped right into this social photo sharing application, but I am still contemplating how I can use this app at work as a Student Manager. I personally like the mappr mashup where you can combine pics of locations and put them on a map, but I am thinking I would like to create a virtual tour of our Schmidt Library using Flickr. I did a quick search and really like how Michigan State University Libraries (MSU) are using Flickr for their libraries. Check it out their Flickr page:

or you can view a slideshow library tour at:

The pic above is from a set of pics they have called "What not to do to a book." I will do a separate post once I experiment with mashups and have more time to think about how I could use Flickr and mashups for student management.


  1. Steph,
    I fought with flickr and bogger for half the day yesterday! I have all these logins and passwords written on little pieces of paper to use for all these apps - and I try to use the same thing over and over so I don't forget! Thanks for the examples of uses.

  2. smart to check what other libraries are doing with mash-ups; the library tour idea sounds fun

  3. Martha and Dr. Farmer,

    Martha, glad I am not the only one having username password issues! Hope you got it all worked out.

    I am trying to catch up with everyone else's blogs this week and also "spruce" mine up. I moved my avatar pic and description of myself up to the top and hope to post and experiment more with my blog and some of the "23 Things" this evening.